Mechanics What's different
    Survival is dependent on the choices YOU make.
    The Missions
  • Each mission will have more than 1 ending
  • Non-Playing Characters (NPCs)
  • You will be encountering different characters along the way
  • They will be there to give you coordinates to help you progress to the next point
  • Side Missions
  • Choose wisely! Some characters will ask you to divert from the mission to help them with a personal interest
  • Help them and get the chance to get rewarded. But be careful, some might be taking advantage of your “kindness.”
  • Clues
  • Pay attention to your surroundings! There will be clues in certain areas that can give you coordinates to the next area or help you uncover special items
  • Special Items
  • Special items have different benefits:
         - Some can act as a camouflage for a period of time
         - Some give you extra lives
         - While others actually attract zombies to you!
The experience
What to remember
Rules to live by
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