When is the event?
The Outbreak continues to spread in Intramuros City. Set your calendars: April 5, 2014.

How is this different from your previous events?
This is no longer just a run. This is a zombie survival adventure! There will be different missions to choose from. But in all of them you will be looking for other survivors, uncovering clues, and collecting scattered supplies--all while maneuvering your way through lurking flesh eating zombies.

What do you mean different missions?
Check out our MISSIONS PAGE for more details.

I've never ran in my entire life. Or I'm not that into running. Can I still join?
Of course! Let’s get this out of the way, folks—Outbreak Manila isn’t only about people who run the fastest. Nor is it only about people who run PERIOD. It’s also about people who love zombies, and getting freaked out of their minds! Screaming in hysteria while running is optional, but highly recommended. At the end of this race, "non-runners" will eventually learn how to run...for their lives.

How about kids? Is there an age minimum?
Everyone's safety is our number one concern. Yes, it sounds ironic considering we're unleashing the living dead to the runners. With that, we can only allow ages 13 and up to join this event to make sure all those competing have a chance to survive. Runners aged 13 to 17 need parental consent to join.

Are weapons that can't really hurt people not allowed? Like a plant?
You can bring a plant as long as it does not shoot out peas or gobbles up zombies. Aside from those, WEAPONS OF ANY KIND (be it water guns, nerf guns, socks with marshmallows inside, baseball bats, rocks) will not be allowed inside the course. Should the marshals catch you carrying one, you shall be immediately disqualified and escorted out of the course with no refunds.

I want to be a zombie. How can I register?
Check out our Audition Mechanics for more details.

Where and when can runners register?
Check out our registration page for more details.

How much is the registration?
Check out our registration page for more details.

What do I get if I finish the race "alive"?
A collectable dogtag to show for it for starters. Most people take pride in bragging about it with their friends though.

What time do we have to be there?
For participants, please be there at least 1 hour before your wave to give time for parking and registration.

Your zombies sound really scary. How are we ever going to stand a chance against them?
You can't... alone, that is. Which is why you need to work together. If there's anything we've learned in zombie movies is that we should always stay in packs. Use speed, strategy and teamwork. You won't be allowed to topple things over to slow them down, but it's harder to take down a pack of wolves than a lone one. Shake and Bake!!!

If I lose all my health flags in the middle of the mission, can I become a zombie?
If during the course of the mission you find yourself out of health flags, you are not allowed to start grabbing other runners flags and growl like a mindless zombie. Our other zombies will think you're weird. Get a life some other place (side missions with extra health flags), or stick to finishing the mission "dead."

Can you give us an idea of a side mission? How about the number of zombies?
Now what fun would that be if we told you that already?

I'm a sponsor and I find your event really interesting. Would Outbreak Manila be interested in a partnership?
Shoot us an email at partner@outbreakmanila.com and let's talk!
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